Proactive, Preferential Computer Support

The Scope of our Computer Support Plan

With our computer support plan, regular customers benefit from our on-going understanding of their systems and devices. If you become one of our customers on our support plan, we can give you a commitment to remotely monitor the health and viability of your systems if you want us to. You will then get preferential response times and proactive support to minimise any computer problems. All-in-all, we aim to be your IT department when and as you need one.

We provide the traditional on-site help as well as telephone support, remote desktop connections and diagnostic services. Though each customer is different, the key areas in which we work include:

  • Mac, PC, server and peripheral systems implementation, support and repair
  • Computer and tablet tuition
  • Mobile device setup
  • Firewalls and intrusion protection
  • Anti-Virus and anti-malware
  • Web content filtering and control
  • Web hosting, cloud file hosting and backup
  • Disaster recovery assessment

Costs of Computer Support

We try to be flexible about the costs of the support we offer…

Our ad-hoc customers obviously pay per incident (see our current pricing on this page).

Retained support
Our preferred long-term support option is for a retainer charge to be made to receive our preferential service status. This charge includes a period of support with any additional time at a lower rate.

Fixed-price support
Alternatively, with small businesses, we may annually assess comprehensive support requirements and negotiate a monthly fee that hopefully covers all needs that may arise (not including travel, replacements or parts).

Running tab
Finally, we also offer to keep a running tab and bill quarterly or six-monthly rather than per incident, as long as the overall tab stays under an agreed amount.

For more details, please get in touch.