You can register your computer services in our local IT business directory, and your business will get its own page on our website, as well as a link to your own site. Enquiries will also be sent directly to you. This service is free.

However, because we are looking for Local Techies, it is important that we know what localities you cover. Neither your remote support area (which could be global), or the catchment areas of a shop count as a locality. You must be prepared to visit homes and offices in the localities that you choose. We will try to register only one business per central locality, though coverage areas may overlap.

Please complete your answers on this form as fully as possible. If your registration is successful we cannot guarantee to publish all your information, as it will be checked and moderated, as well as edited for SEO. But you will be able to edit and update it later. Your email addresses will not be displayed.

IT Business registration

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